How to Stand Out as a Freelancer

How To Stand Out as a Freelancer

Freelancing is becoming more and more popular, so it may seem like there is a ton of competition out there. Don’t worry, though — it’s easier to stand out in a crowd as a freelancer than you may think.

I’m going to give you 3 secret weapons:

  • Your story, style, and personality
  • Consistency
  • Unwavering professionalism

OK, so that’s actually 5. But, when you use all of them in concert, you WILL attract and retain clients.

Your Story, Style, and Personality Will Help You Stand Out

People work with people, and business is done by connecting with others.

Yes, your service has to be good. But, your story, style, and personality are what draw prospective clients to you and help you stand out in a crowd of freelancers.

Sure, there are other folks who do what you do.

But, how you present yourself, if you do it authentically, will have its own unique flare.

So, come as you are. Your message and your approach will resonate with the right people and ultimately translate into revenue.

Think About It:

I’m willing to bet that some of the purchases you’ve made were due to a connection you had with the product creator or service provider.

You can establish that link, that bond, with folks in your target market, making a positive impact on them — and your bottom line.


Consistency is key when you look to stand out. Your prospects and clients need to know what they can expect from you. Sounds simple, right?

Well, it helps you stand out for a reason. Many freelancers aren’t good at this. They don’t show up as expected — whether that’s in their marketing or their project execution.

Their failing is your opportunity to shine.

Being consistent isn’t that hard. It boils down to doing what you’ve promised to do, in the agreed-upon fashion, time and time again.

Consistency = commitment. It’s also how you will rise above your competition.

If you’re committed to your clients, to your business, and to yourself, consistency will happen naturally.

Think About It

Imagine going to a restaurant for the second time. Your first visit was exceptional, so you’re eagerly anticipating this meal. Eventually, you’re served. The food is subpar at best, and you had to wait forever to get it.

Will you go back? Maybe, maybe not. That broken trust, that disappointment may lead you to check out other restaurants.

The same thing happens with freelancers. Dissatisfied clients may give you the opportunity to redeem yourself, but for a while, they may have second thoughts about working with you.

Important note: Of course, this isn’t meant to give you a complex and encourage the pursuit of perfectionism. (After all, perfection is a farce!) Everyone makes mistakes. Just do your best to ensure each assignment you complete delivers as expected.

Stand Out with Unwavering Professionalism

Want to stand out as a freelancer? Be professional.

Unfortunately for clients (but fortunately for you!), many freelancers are unprofessional.

They don’t communicate well. They do shoddy work. They turn in assignments late. And, they’re unpleasant to work with.

But, since you’re a rock star that keeps those lines of communication open, does a stellar job on all projects, practically never misses a deadline, and is an absolute joy to be around – you’ve got a built-in edge.

So, keep doing what you’re doing, and watch your freelance business grow.

Remember: subpar freelancers will get some gigs – but they probably won’t retain their clients. That’s more opportunity for you!

Think About It

As a consumer, have you ever:

  • stopped using a service provider because they did poor work?
  • dropped a company from consideration because no one would return your call?
  • got frustrated because your {insert job} should’ve been done three weeks ago?
  • left a bad review about a service provider who was extremely rude?

I know I have.

The bottom line? Your clients are consumers, too — consumers of your service.

If you treat them as you would want and expect to be treated, you’ll have no problems standing out as a professional.

Final Thoughts

There you have it — 3 big ways to stand out as a freelancer. See? Separating yourself from the herd is not as hard as it seems.

Just be uniquely you and do good work on a consistent basis.

The clients will come – and they will stay.

Learn by listening? Download the podcast episode about standing out as a freelancer.

One Comment

  • Thank you for this. Getting started can be grueling and daunting for the more “anxious-prone” first-timer. This information is not only helpful, it separates from the “jitters” and re-connects to the all-important brand to be promoted. It is a gentle reminder of why I believe I should offer TaaS (Talents as a Service) 🤗 and of all the time and effort that went into creating and developing them.

    Thank you, again!


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