EP10: Dealing with Multiple Bosses as a Freelancer

When you go freelance, you may be able to say goodbye to the horrible boss from your day job. But, that doesn’t mean you’ll never have to deal with ineffective or unpleasant management tactics ever again. Now, you have multiple bosses and it can get ugly. Don’t worry — there are ways to help (and, if necessary, get out of) the situation.

Learn by reading? Check out this blog post about dealing with multiple bosses.

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  • Hey Laura,

    Ash (from twitter). Multiple bosses (clients) and can it get ugly? You bet. For some folks (like me), It gets so ugly, so bad, and over such a long period of time (18+ yrs), that there’s just no more going back even (Like, I can’t just hop away and get myself a job — because the situation offline with jobs is even worse).

    I somewhat did what you suggested (and I still do) —

    Polite and firm with prices, terms, and conditions.
    Set up boundaries clearly.
    set expectations right.
    Have contracts
    Always communicate with clients

    The pain is inspite of doing all of this and more. I am trying to slowly get out of freelancing and do my own courses and coaching programs on digital marketing. Don’t know how far that goes, but it’s worth a try.

    Thank you for these Tips Laura. Really wished someone told me these before I had to burn in hell to figure these out for myself (and still struggle).


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