Freelancers Don't Need to Know it All

Freelancers Don’t Need to Know it All

You’ve been dreaming about going freelance for years. You’ve read so many blog posts and Googled so many terms, that you’re practically a theoretical expert on how to launch a freelance business.

The problem? You still haven’t done anything with all of that knowledge.

You’re hesitant because you know that you don’t know it all. And worse yet, you don’t know everything that you don’t know. (Pretty meta, right?)

The truth is, you’re holding yourself back from achieving a major life goal. And frankly, that sucks.

But, you can free yourself from this information-induced limbo. Because freelancers truly don’t need to know it all to get started.

Here’s Why Freelancers Don’t Need to Know it All

To put it bluntly: you can’t know it all. Aspiring to do so is futile, which is the opposite of fulfilling a need.

Does that drive you crazy? Well, it shouldn’t. No one can know it all, not even the most successful freelancers.

It’s not your fault.

There’s just too much information out there — and the volume is growing by the second. Worst of all, much of what you read on a blog contradicts something you heard on a podcast, which doesn’t agree with something you saw on a webinar.

So, the information you’ve been consuming isn’t even consistent.

That’s dizzying. And paralyzing.

Before you know it, you’re afflicted with analysis-paralysis. Always preparing — but never doing.

That. Stops. NOW!

What to Do Instead

Take action. Every day.

Actually buy that domain name. Start social media profiles for your business. Strike up conversations with prospective clients.

Will you stumble? Get confused? Possibly screw up? Yeah, you probably will.

But you’ll learn more in those moments than you will reading article after article, or watching video after video.

And here’s the thing — perfection is an absolute farce. You’re not supposed to get it right on the first try. (What does “right” even mean, anyway?)

Nailing it completely means that there’s no room for improvement. And that’s just incongruent with human nature. We’re programmed to continually strive for better.

So, embrace the notion of good enough. When you create something, remember that there was nothing there before.

Something is always better than nothing. It’s an achievement. And it can be improved upon as you inevitably learn and grow on your freelancing journey.

And that’s exactly what it is — a journey.

Don’t attempt to rob yourself of it. Not only is doing so an exercise in futility, it’s a crying shame.

Actually walking the path, you’ll emerge better, smarter, and more capable to serve with each iteration of your website, marketing campaign, portfolio, etc.

You’ll also emerge a stronger freelancer — and a stronger person.

Final Thoughts for Freelancers

I’ve absolutely allowed myself to be overwhelmed by information — and then used being overwhelmed as an excuse to quit. Those are not my proudest moments. But, I give myself some grace — and I rebound.

You should, too.

I also want to clarify that I don’t want you to go into something completely blind, either. That’s just as bad.

Collecting some data and insight is worthwhile and encouraged. But you have to know when to shift into the action phase. That knowledge comes from your gut.

If you suspect you’re giving in to fear (or procrastination! I don’t judge…) by registering for that next webinar, close your web browser. Then, actually do something.

I bet your sense of overwhelm will dissipate and be replaced by a growing sense of pride. You’re finally doing it — and that’s huge!

If you need help developing your plan of action, would like someone to hold you accountable, or just want a freelancing cheerleader, I’m here.

Check out my signature private coaching program and get started today!

Learn by listening? Download this podcast episode about how perfection is a farce!

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