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How to Set a Freelance Schedule That Works for You

Picture it: you just quit your job. You start freelancing full-time tomorrow. You finally have the flexibility…

As a Freelancer, Who’s the Boss?

Just quit your job, huh? Bet it felt great to turn in your resignation — especially if…

Health Care for Freelancers: 7 Options

Health care for freelancers is ridiculously expensive — and the cost prevents many eager professionals from going…

7 Self-Care Ideas for Freelancers

As a freelancer, you ARE your business. When you’re at your best, your enterprise can realize its…

How to Get Clients as a New Freelancer

As a new freelancer, you have limited business cash flow. That means you don’t have much of…

6 Hot Freelance Services You Can Offer From Anywhere

You can provide practically any service as a freelancer. But you should provide one that people are…

How-To Guide: Freelancing on the Side

You’re so done with your job. In fact, you’re so done with any job! If you have…

Should I Go Freelance?

You’re longing to make a change. Your career just doesn’t play nice with the rest of your…

Eliminate Financial Fear, Freelancers!

You’ve dreamed about strutting into your boss’ office and boldly dropping your resignation on their desk —…

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