6 Hot Freelance Services You Can Offer from Anywhere

6 Hot Freelance Services You Can Offer From Anywhere

You can provide practically any service as a freelancer. But you should provide one that people are happy to pay you for! That means you need to know what the market wants and how to solve your prospects’ problems. Don’t worry — I’ve got you covered. We’ll explore 6 hot freelance services you can offer remotely from anywhere!

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1. Freelance Writing

As a freelance writer and written content creator, I’m a little (OK, a lot!) biased towards this service. I think it’s amazing that you can earn really good money by providing freelance writing services. If your pen (keyboard?) is mightier than anything else that you wield, get writing! Businesses need continuous content, so there’s no shortage of opportunities available.

Depending on your skills, interests, and client requirements, you might be responsible for crafting compelling blog posts, email newsletters, website copy, social media posts, white papers, articles, press releases, and so much more! Your work gives your client’s company or publication a voice. It’s an awesome (and fun!) responsibility and remains one of the hottest freelance services you can offer.

Helpful Resources

Online Course: Hit Publish

Your freelance writing journey should begin with a blog — especially if your writing has never been published before. While your blog should be easy to navigate and aesthetically pleasing, your biggest focus should be on creating consistently good, helpful content that resonates with your readers.

Not sure what compelling, useful content looks like? Check out Hit Publish (affiliate link)! 

Online Course: Earn More Writing

Once you have your blog up and running, it’s time to get freelancing! Earn More Writing (affiliate link) is jam-packed with useful guidance about structuring your workday, landing and dealing with clients, and more. 

2. Virtual Assistance

Are you an administrative ninja? If so, business owners want to hire you! Virtual Assistants, or VAs, handle a variety of duties so that other entrepreneurs (remember, you’re one, too!) can focus on growing their business. As a VA, you could be responsible for routine tasks like answering emails, arranging travel, providing customer service, scheduling events, etc.

But, if you have specialized knowledge, you can do practically anything as a VA. Depending on your skills, you might be responsible for: running an e-commerce store, executing a digital marketing campaign, making affiliate marketing recommendations, managing projects, planning events, and so much more. When you specialize, you’ll typically be able to command higher rates!

Helpful Resources

Online Course: $10K VA

Starting your VA business can be daunting. $10K VA (affiliate link) takes all of the guesswork out of the process, putting you on the path to $10,000 months! 

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3. Graphic Design

If you’ve got an eye for design and are familiar with modern design tools, businesses are looking for you! Words are important – but so are images. They can tell a story on their own or enhance the text.

As a graphic designer, you could be responsible for creating a wide variety of assets for your clients, such as:

  • Ads (digital and print)
  • Branding elements (logos, color palettes, fonts, style guides)
  • Website user interface (UI) components (buttons or menus)
  • Book or e-book covers
  • Product packaging
  • GIFs
  • And so much more!

Helpful Resource

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99 Design’s 8 Types of Graphic Design

4. Web Development

If you can translate a design into an aesthetically pleasing, fully functioning website — you’re in business! Whether you focus on front end development (what the user sees), back end development (the behind-the-scenes infrastructure), or both, your skills are in high demand.

Even though it seems like everyone has a website, many business owners still don’t! And, many existing sites are horrendously ugly, dysfunctional, and outdated. You can help those entrepreneurs leap into the 21st century or improve their online presence while making a pretty penny.​

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5. Social Media Management

If you know how to represent a brand, gain raving fans, convert those fans into leads, and nurture those relationships on social media, businesses will pay you! The average business owner doesn’t have the time or knowledge to properly leverage social media. That means they use the platforms haphazardly or not all, resulting in a huge loss of opportunity for their company.

As a social media manager, you’re responsible for understanding and implementing the best practices of one or more social media platforms. Your efforts can lead to a better company reputation, a more cohesive brand, improved customer service, and increased revenue. In short, you can help the company make bank — and line your own pockets in the process!

Helpful Resource

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Media Bistro’s What Does a Social Media Manager Do?

​6. Tutoring or Coaching

If you’ve got specialized knowledge, you have freelance services to offer.

Tutoring is helping people learn about a given subject (think academics). Coaching is providing guidance so that your client can solve a problem and move their life forward in a positive way.

As a tutor or a coach, you’re only limited by what you know and can learn. Your life experience, coupled with your know-how, can be leveraged to teach or guide someone how to do anything. Did you ace AP Chem in high school? Lose 50 pounds in a year? Backpack across Europe for the price of a fancy steak dinner (this one might be an exaggeration…)? The point is, there are folks out there that want to do those same things. So help them — and get paid!

Just like freelance writing, business coaching is near and dear to my heart. Freelancing has done so much for my life that I’m called to help others experience the same freedom, flexibility, and other benefits. There are many freelance services that you can offer, and sometimes they reveal themselves to you.

Helpful Resource

Tutoring Platform: Tutor.com

I’m not a huge fan of using platforms to find freelance gigs. Typically, you can make and keep more money by landing clients on your own. However, sites like Tutor.com can be helpful when you’re just starting out.

Final Thoughts on Freelance Services You Can Offer Remotely

There you have it: 6 hot freelance services you can offer remotely, from anywhere. Of course, there are lots of other options out there – so please pursue those that fit best with your skills, interests, and goals.

I’ll be cheering you on!

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